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Entering XFactor Arabia as solo performers, The5 were formed during the elimination stage of the MBC Hosted Show. The judges of Raghab Alama, Elissa and Donyya Ghanem saw the ptential in the boys and brought Ahmed (Egypt), Said (Algeria), Adil (Morocco), Mohamed (Algeria) and Kazem (Lebanese) together to form the five piece band. The5 are the first ever pan arab boy band, dubbed the 'One Direction of the Middle East' by their legions of adoring fans.

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Nathalie Saba: From Egypt to the world

Nathalie Saba is gaining international interest as one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the Middle East in years.

Her debut single, Snow has a contemporary Western urban sound fused with Arabic beats. The anthem is haunting and modern and Nathalie's voice has an international resonance and a surprising maturity.