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Corporate Image

Corporate Styling Workshop

In the corporate world, your clothes and how you look in them plays an essential role in creating that memorable professional first impression.

In times of increased competition the way we dress matters. It's a little thing that makes a big difference. On average it takes seven seconds to form an opinion. We help you to make those seconds count.

Corporate Styling Workshop

Many companies may face these challenges;
- The importance of dress in winning business is overlooked.
- Staff don't dress appropriately.
- The dress code doesn't work.
- Staff look second best compared to the competition.

How corporate image can increase or decrease the company’s revenues?
Many employees are not 100% focused on their style at work due to the fact that the way they dress is generally influenced by their mood, budget, and a lack of understanding about what may or may not be appropriate attire in the workplace.

The wrong look or style might affect a client's decision and create a challenge for the sales person to close a deal. You need to show your quality, confidence, passion and strength to the client at first glance, for him to feel that you are trustworthy and credible.

Style might be an obstacle for many employees and might lead to a negative attitude in the work place which could have a knock-on effect on one’s relationship with the client and no doubt the colleagues.

How we can help you? Our corporate coaching services include:
- One to one corporate styling.
- Personal branding & its values.
- Engaging group styling and branding seminars.
- Customized corporate style and brand training.
- Corporate colors Do’s & Don’t (one on one or/and group).
- Dressing for your body type.
- Refreshing the look of the executive team.


“ Nina is very passionate about what she does. She had conducted a Corporate Styling presentation in our office to a group of 35; of which majority were sales professionals “Dress for Success” was the name of the presentation, she covered lots of important tips on professional attire, body language and basic communication skills. These tips were of great help. I highly recommend Nina’s services for corporate and individuals.”
Huda Kalash - Training Manager -