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Thank you Nina! I must tell you that my husband and I had the best experience with you while visiting Dubai last week. You are an absolute gem in the industry and I wouldn't trust anyone else to lead the way when it comes to shopping in Dubai! You are highly knowledgeable and are a wealth of information and style. Not to mention, I found a friend in Dubai.

My diamond ring is absolutely perfect for me and now when I look at it I will always remember you and our time together.
Melissa Sylvian - Florist - USA
Nina was an inspiration from the moment i met her. I knew she passionate and is the right person to take care of me and improve my style that still suits my personality. Nina's inspiration has changed my style for the best. I've now become trendy and know what fits me for my body type. she helped me overcome my problem of still looking young but maintaining a very professional and fun style. She has passed down her confidence and i thank her so much for everything she has done!

Thank you Nina!
Yasmine Al Turk - Relationship Manager - American
I thank Nina for her insight and help in transforming me from a person of relatively sloppy appearance into a person who looks and feels great. More importantly, the way I now dress myself gives me added confidence and a younger and energetic persona. Additionally, I have lost 22 kilos (shirt size from XXL to L and waist 42 to 36) through diet and exercise which has enhanced my image even more. Without Nina’s encouragement and ideas I would probably have not changed at all. Thank you again.
Andy Lovus
“ Nina is very passionate about what she does. She had conducted a Corporate Styling presentation in our office to a group of 35; of which majority were sales professionals “Dress for Success” was the name of the presentation, she covered lots of important tips on professional attire, body language and basic communication skills. These tips were of great help. I highly recommend Nina’s services for corporate and individuals.”
Huda Kalash - Training Manager -
I had a fabulous wardrobe audit with Nina, for each outfit I lost; I gained 10 more with all the mixing and matching she advised. I now rarely wear a suit, but a combination of 2 suits; I no longer wear dull colours without adding a splash of colour somewhere. I basically have gained the confidence to wear colour, and to mix colours I never thought feels great and very liberating!
Lynne - Managing Director - UK
To be honest, I didn't know what it takes to find my own style. Of course, like most people, I was influenced by what we see on TV and in the magazines, but I couldn't assume to change entirely to a new style so I remained on classical outfits. I knew that my style was rather casual than trendy, but I couldn't find what suits me best, even the color choice was difficult: it was always black or white for the upper body and blue jeans for the lower. I give all my thanks to Nina for spending her time with me to find out first which colors suits me well, and then the outfits that goes better on me. Even if style is more a matter of perpetual progress than acquired work, it gave me the means to improve myself and get more confident."
A.F - Accountant - Belgium
Since I turned fifty I have come to the shocking conclusion that I have lost my sense of style and that I did not have any idea what style meant at this stage of a women's life. All I did know was that I refuse to wear any granny clothes and shoes at age 50 and beyond and fortunately Nina agreed with me!

With Nina's expertise and good advice on what to wear and what not to wear was such an eye-opening experience for me. She demonstrated different make-up styles that suits my face and the real surprise was my new hairstyle and colour. She also advised me on how to put outfits together from my own clothes which I brought with me and I was elated with my mix-and-match wardrobe. I am very happy with the final result and this has been a huge confidence boost for me.

What I learned from this experience is that sometimes one needs to step out ones comfort zone and to have an open mind to other possibilities. My idea of style was so outdated and from now on I am more than willing to experiment with different fashion styles because now I have fashion guidelines for my body type. I am looking forward to go shopping for clothes again! Thank you, Nina! This has been a delight to find my own style again!
LM " South Africa"
For the past few years, I actually lost my sense of style. My clothes did not represent who I am and I did not do anything about it until I forgot how fun it was to dress up. My wardrobe became extremely boring and just plain safe to say the least. The colours that I had and wore ranged from black, grey, brown to beige. I was stuck and definitely needed professional help. And then I met Nina who literally turned my life upside down. She did not impose any specific style on me, but rather worked with me to uncover my own style and with a little investment from my side made in shoes and accessories with Nina's help, i was able to upgrade my entire wardrobe into fun and stylish outfits. And now I really feel better than I have in years. Everyday, I am excited about getting dressed and going out and I'm getting noticed more than ever. I would recommend the total makeover experience with Nina to everyone, whether you are lost as I was or a fashionista who just wants an experts help in seeing her wardrobe in a different light. Thank you Nina for bringing back my style.
Halah Mohsen – Business Development Manager "Egypt"
"What an amazing experience! I was always stressed out when I had to go shopping. I would find something that fit, but always chose black or white because I felt it was a safe option. Travis was never stressed out, he just never went shopping. After our sessions with Nina, I feel like my eyes have just been opened. Nina considered all our needs, and not only designed outfits, but entire wardrobes to fit our everyday life! It was the most worthwhile experience, and I highly recommend it! Not only do we look good, but we feel good too! Thank you Nina."
Terri Lyons – Teacher "USA" & Travis Taiaroa – Pilot "New Zealand"
"For most girls, moving to Dubai is a dream when it comes to shopping. But for me it turned out to be the opposite. I lost all my confidence in shopping and got frustrated every time I tried to buy myself something new. The malls are too big, and I found it hard to find anything that suited me. This ended up with a boring wardrobe, and I felt bad about my appearance. Thanks to the personal styling and shopping, now I know what to look for and what will suit me best. I found the joy of shopping again, and I am very happy with my new style."
Marianne Nygard - Personal Trainer "Norway"
"For the longest time, I felt like I was stuck in a rut and my wardrobe was suffering as a result of this - I would just hide behind the same dark and dreary colours day in and day out because I couldn’t be bothered to try something new. In just a few consultations with Nina, I was pushed to think out of the box and now have a completely revamped wardrobe that is tailored to complement my look and lifestyle. I actually look forward to getting dressed up to go out now and make sure to never leave home without a splash of colour!"
Manal Shaikh - Account Manager, PR Agency "Pakistan"